XENON at Gran Sasso in Italy

The XENON100 is one of the largest experiments in operation for direct dark matter detection. It is the international collaboration, consisting of 90 researchers. The current phase of 100 kg experiment (XENON100) has produced the world best limit so far. The next generation 1 ton experiment (XENON1T) began construction in 2012.



XENON100 is a double phase liquid xenon detector, consisting of 162 kg of xenon (with ~50 kg fiducial mass), viewed by ~250 1 inch square PMT. It stated stable operation in later 2009, and has been taking the data for 3 years. UCLA group has contributed to its construction, commissioning, operation and data taking. Three students have completed their PhD (Ethan Brown, Chi Wai Lam, Artin Teymourian).



Based on the successful operation of the XENON100, the coloration began construction of XENON 1Ton detector in 2012. As shown above, it will be installed inside of 10 m size water tank. The total mass of xenon is 2.5 ton and the fiducial mass will be 1 ton. With such a large mass, we expect to achieve 100 times better sensitivity than XENON100, enough to cover the phase space of SUSY predictions.

List of XENON Collaborators

The XENON is the international collaboration with the following institutes.


Publications by XENON100 Collaboration

A complete list of the publications by XENON100 can be found by InSPIRE => XENON. The latest result with the world best limit has been published at

Dark Matter Results from 225 Live Days of XENON100 Data.

By XENON100 Collaboration (E. Aprile et al.) [arXiv:1207.5988 [astro-ph.CO]].

PhD Thesis by Arisaka's Group

The following three grad students have completed PhD Thesis, based on the XENON00 data.

The Search for Dark Matter in Xenon100 using a Two-Dimensional Profile Likelihood

  • Kevin Lung
  • 2011

Development and Characterization of the QUPID and Applications in Future Dark Matter and Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay

  • Artin Teymourian
  • 2013

Search for Dark Matter with XENON100 and Future Ton-Scale Detectors

  • Chi Wai (Michael) Lam
  • 2010

Search for Low Mass Dark Matter with the XENON100 Experiment and Simulations for 1 ton and 10 ton Dark Matter Detectors

  • Ethan Brown
  • 2010

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