DarkSide at Gran Sasso in Italy

The DarkSide is based on liquid argon double phase TPC. Like XENON100 and 1 Ton, it is located at Gran Sasso National Lab in Italy. The detailed information can be found at the DarkSide Home Page.


DarkSide50DarkSide CTF

As is the case of XENON, the DarkSide experiments will be realized in several stages. We have been constructing a 50 kg detector (DarkSide 50). The above-left is the 50 kg liquid argon TPC equipped with 19 + 19 = 38 of 3 inch PMTs. The above-right is the liquid scintillator detector which surrounds the DarkSide50 TPC. The whole structure is inside of Borexino CTF water tank at Gran Sasso Lab.

DarkSide G2


The second generation (G2) experiment will be at the same location in the same liquid scintillator active veto detector. The DarkSide G2 will consist of a total of 5 ton of liquid argon with 3 ton of fiducial mass, as shown in the picture above. UCLA group is contributing to the evaluation of the photon detectors.

Publications by DarkSide

Complete list of the publications by the DarkSide collaboration can be found by InSPIRE => DarkSide.

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