MAX and XAX - Multi-ton Xenon & Argon Detectors

Arisaka's group has been actively involved in designing and proposing the 3rd generation (G3) experiments since 2007. We were the first to point out a possibility of 10 ton scale noble liquid detectors using both xenon and argon which we named XAX (Xenon - Argon - Xenon). In 2009 XENON and DarkSide collaborations formed a consortium called MAX (Multi-ton Argon Xenon).


The figure above shows a possible configuration of the MAX detectors, consisting of 20 tons of xenon (10 ton fiducial) and 70 tons of argon (50 ton fiducial). Once xenon is isotope-separated to the spin even (Xenon-136) and spin odd (Xenon- 129/131), then Xenon-136 can be used for neutrino-less double beta decay, while Xenon-12/9/131 can be used for pp-chain solar neutrino detection.


The above figure shows the sensitivity of liquid xenon and argon detector in three stages:

Publications by Arisaka's Group Related to MAX/XAX

Arisaka's dark matter group is leading the case studies of multi-ton xenon and argon detectors. We have published two detailed papers of the scientific case studies. In addition, we published papers on Axion search and a new analysis method.

Studies of a three-stage dark matter and neutrino observatory based on multi-ton combinations of liquid xenon and liquid argon detectors.

By K. Arisaka, C.W. Lam, P.F. Smith, P. Beltrame, C. Ghag, K. Lung, A. Teymourian, H. Wang et al..
[arXiv:1107.1295 [astro-ph.IM]].
Astropart.Phys. 36 (2012) 93-122.

XAX: a multi-ton, multi-target detection system for dark matter, double beta decay and pp solar neutrinos.

By K. Arisaka, H. Wang, P.F. Smith, D. Cline, A. Teymourian, E. Brown, W. Ooi, D. Aharoni et al..
[arXiv:0808.3968 [astro-ph]].
Astropart.Phys. 31 (2009) 63-74.

Expected Sensitivity to Galactic/Solar Axions and Bosonic Super-WIMPs based on the Axio-electric Effect in Liquid Xenon Dark Matter Detectors.

By K. Arisaka, P. Beltrame, C. Ghag, J. Kaidi, K. Lung, A. Lyashenko, R.D. Peccei, P. Smith et al..
[arXiv:1209.3810 [astro-ph.CO]].

A New Analysis Method for WIMP searches with Dual-Phase Liquid Xe TPCs.

By Katsushi Arisaka, Paolo Beltrame, Chamkaur Ghag, Kevin Lung, Paul Robert Scovell.
[arXiv:1202.1924 [astro-ph.IM]].

Talks by Arisaka related to MAX and XAX

Below is a list of recent talks related to MAX/XAX and direct detection of dark matters in general.

MAX and XAX: Multi-ton Argon Xenon Dark Matter Detector [PDF, PPT]

  • Place : IDM2012 "Identification of Dark Matter", Chicago IL
  • Date : July 25, 2012
  • Topic : Overview of MAX and XAX projects in the future experiments session.

MAX and XAX: Multi-ton Argon Xenon Dark Matter Detector [PDF, PPT]

  • Place : UCLA Dark Matter 2012, Marina Del Ray, LA
  • Date : February 24, 2012
  • Topic : Overview of MAX and XAX projects in the future experiments session.

The Ultimate Dark Matter Observatory [PDF, PPT]

  • Place : Department of Energy, Washington DC
  • Date : November 4, 2011
  • Topic : Scientific case and future prospects of multi-ton liquid Xe/Ar dark matter experiments
  • Comments : Invited talk given to general audience at DOE

Direct Dark Matter Detection by Noble Liquids [PDF, PPT]

  • Place : IPMU Dark Matter Conference, Tsukuba Japan
  • Date : June 1, 2011

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