Biophysics - Origin of Life and Consciousness

Since 2006, Arisaka’s Lab has been active in biophysics, by developing custom-made high-speed microscopes. Our ultimate goal is to understand the origin of life and consciousness in terms of fundamental physics laws.


This is a picture taken at Malague near the Pierre Auger Observatory (along the hill under the Andes). Why are these flowers so beautiful?

Arisaka Diagram2

The above diagram represents how life and consciousness have evolved and emerged in physical space-time. This is the central theme of Arisaka Lab.

Arisaka Lab's Activities in Biophysics

Talks by Arisaka on Topics of High-Speed Bio-Imaging

Below is a list of recent talks by Arisaka related to ultra high-speed bio-imaging.

Exploring the Origin of Consciousness by Ultra High-speed Microscopes [PDF, PPT]

  • Place : Seminar at Department of Electrical Engineering, UCLA
  • Date : April 11, 2011
  • Topic : How high-speed microscopes can reveal the origin of consciousness

Advanced Optical Microscopes and Their Applications to Neuroscience [PDF, PPT]

  • Place : Lecture at Prof. Mayank Mehta's class on neuroscience, UCLA
  • Date : February 15, 2011
  • Topic : Overview of advanced optical microscopes and their application to neuroscience

Exploring the Origin of the Life and Consciousness by Ultra High-speed Microscopes [PDF, PPT]

  • Place : UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy Colloquium [Poster]
  • Date : February 4, 2010

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