Arisaka's Photon Detector Lab

At the 4th floor of the Knudsen Hall, Arisaka's group has 1,000 sqft. of Advanced Photon Detector Lab. The lab consists of several independent systems, and they are fully operational all the time for any kinds of photon detectors.


Below is the list of currently available systems.

  • Basic DC measurements (Gain, Dark Current vs. HV).
  • Pulsed measurements (Single PE Peak, ENF, TTS and other timing properties)
  • Dark count rate, after pulse rate
  • Uniformity (Cathode and Anode), shown in top-left figure.
  • Linearity (Cathode and Anode), shown in top-right figure
  • Quantum Efficiency (Normal incident and Random incident photons)
Majority of above systems are now compatible with low temperature operation down to - 185 degree C.

Vacuum UV Spectrometer

The new welcome addition to the Photon Detector Lab is a vacuum UV spectrometer from McPherson shown below. The system is currently used for the QE measurement of R11410 and QUPID down to 160 nm. It has been absolutely calibrated by using the NIST calibrated UV Photo Diode.


Dr. Hanguo Wang's Cryogenic Lab

Dr. Hanguo Wang operates a world-class cryogenic lab for both xenon and argon operation. For evaluation of QUPID and 3 inch PMT, Arisaka's group has been collaborating with his team. Below is the liquid xenon system used to test QUPID.


Researches at Arisaka Lab

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