List of Projects for New Members

Now you are ready to work in Arisaka-Elegans Lab. But before you jump into lab activities, you'd better understand our scientific goals well. More importantly, you should have your own clear goal. This page contains a list of your homework projects.
  • You will be asked to upload your written report onto our Google Drive Folder.
  • Please go to Google Drive, and become familiar with the system.
  • Please never touch any other files by someone else! Only work on your own file.
  • The file name of your report must be something like "Katsushi Arisaka - S1 Cori Bergmann.docx".

Scientific Preparation

Below is the homework projects for you to learn basic science at Arisaka-Elegans Lab. Please follow the instruction step by step!

[S1] Project #S1 Watch Lectures by Cori Bergmann

[S2] Project #S2 Review Articles

[S3] Project #S3 Book Review

  • It is important to become familiar with all kinds of interesting scientific topics today quickly.
  • At Arisaka's homepage, there is a list of recommended popular books.
  • I strongly encourage you to read one book per month. Pick up one book of your interest and read it.
  • If you like to borrow it, please ask Arisaka.
  • Write one-page report and post it into the Google Drive -> "Project #S3 - Book Review

[S4] Project #S4 Watch Videos of C.E. Experiments at JoVE

  • JoVE has lots of excellent videos of experimental methods.
  • Please go to "Interesting Movies" in our site, and watch listed JoVE videos as many as you like.
  • Try to watch the ones which are most related to your own interests.
  • Write one-page report and post it into the Google Drive -> "Project #S4 - JoVE

[S5] Project #S5 Pickup Your Own Project

  • Now you are well prepared to think about your own project.
  • Please navigate all the papers listed on this website, and pick up a few papers which interest you the most.
  • Write one page proposal, summarizing these papers and your proposed experiment.
  • Please make sure to include (1) scientific aims, (2) previous findings, (3) your proposed approach, (4) required experimental setup.
  • Post it into the Google Drive -> "Project #S5 - Proposal

[S6] Project #S6 Make a PPT Presentation

  • The last step is an oral presentation at the group meeting,
  • Prepare your talk based on PowerPoint.
  • First collect all kinds of information into the PPT file. It is a good idea to make a 50 - 100 pages file.
  • Then compile is to 10-15 pages for 15 minutes presentation.
  • Post it into the Google Drive -> "Project #S6 - PPT
  • Great, contact Arisaka to schedule your own talk at one of the group meeting!

Technical Preparation

Below is the homework projects for you to learn basic technics. As soon as you finish basic preparation from (S1, S2 and S4 above), please proceed to this technical preparation.

[T1] Project #T1 Pick up C.elegans

  • Now, it's time to play with C. elegans
  • First, please watch their behavior under a microscope as long as you wish.
  • Gently pick up C. elegans and place it back.
  • Pick C. elegans and move to a different petri disk.
  • Practice many times as many as you like.
  • Please write up your experience, and post it into the Google Drive -> "Project #T1 - Pickup CE

[T2] Project #T2 Take a video of C. elegans

  • Next, place your petri dish with C. elegans under a video-equipped microscope.
  • Tune illumination, magnification, focusing etc.
  • Take a movie for at least 1 minute.
  • Please post your own movie into the Google Drive -> "Project #T2 - Movie of CE.
  • Please measure the size of the Field of View (in mm in x and y)
  • Please measure the length of C. elegans
  • Please estimate the weight of C. elegans
  • Compare the length and weight with yours
  • Estimate the speed of C. elegans.
  • Compare it with your walking. Do you think CE moves faster than you or slower?
  • Please write up a short report, explaining the data taking conditions and answers to the questions above, and post it into the same location as above.
  • Welcome to the Arisaka-Elegans club!!

[T3] Project #T3 Analyze the motion of C. elegans

  • Finally, analyze your movie by using the Worm Tracker.
  • Plot the x-position (mm) vs. time (second), and y-position vs. time.
  • Plot the trajectory in x-y plane.
  • Plot the travel distance s (= sqrt(x^2 +y^2)) vs. time.
  • Calculate the speed (= ds/dt) vs. time, x/y-component of velocity (dx/dt and dy/dt) vs. time.
  • Calculate x-component and y-component of acceleration vs. time.
  • Write a report and post it into the Google Drive -> "Project #T3 - Motion of CE.
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