Instructions for New Members

Welcome to Arisaka-Elegans Group! To become an active member promptly, this page documents the essential introduction and instruction. Please read carefully and follow all the steps, one by one.

Administrative Preparation

[1] Weekly Schedule and Group Meetings in Fall 2013

  • Prof. Arisaka is currently in Japan, and will be back to UCLA on Oct. 23.
  • Then a weekly meeting will be scheduled for the rest of fall quarter.
  • Please make sure to fill out and update your weekly schedule at Group Schedule.

[2] Our Assistants

  • Besides Prof. Arisaka, our group is coordinated by Peter and Hector. Please introduce you to them.
  • We are going to have a new assistant soon to help administrative issue (like purchase orders.)

[3] Submitting Your Bio

  • Please fill up one page of your Bio to keep a record of your information in the group.
  • Download Template and modify, or take a look at an example of Katsushi Arisaka.
  • Once you fill it out, please e-mail it to Rylinn. She will store it in our Google Drive.

[4] Location and Operation of the Labs

  • Our Main Lab is located at Knudsen B-171 and Knudsen 4-162.
  • Knudsen B-171 is for biological sample preparation, and for advanced imaging.
  • Knudsen 4-162 is for undergrad students to perform behavior experiments under various stimulations.
  • In addition, we utilize Prof. Bozovic's Lab for Physics 180G located at Knudsen A-142.
  • Please make sure to keep the door locked when you leave, if you are the last person.
  • If the door is closed, please ask Peter or Hector to open the door.
  • Please do not take anything out, including small tools.

[5] Lab Safety Training

  • Before you start to work in the Lab, your are required to complete the UCLA Lab Safety training.
  • If you have not done so, please go to the web of UCLA Lab Safety Training.
  • The one you must take is called "Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts"
  • Once you complete, please report it to Peter or Hector.

Interactive Virtual Class Room

[1] Virtual Class Room

  • Our group heavily utilizes public online tools as an interactive virtual class room.
  • It is probably a good idea to get a Gmail address and become familiar with all the services by Google, if you have not done so.

[2] Navigating This Home Page

  • Please navigate all the pages of this Arisaka-Elegans site, by clicking the tubs on the left side on this page.
  • Please watch the videos posted at "Interesting Movies".
  • Please download and go through "Arisaka's Lectures".
  • Go to "Useful Links", and click all the links and navigate them.

[3] UCLA Digital Library

  • To navigate original research articles, it is required to setup your computer to access UCLA Digital Library.
  • This service is provided by the Proxy Server at UCLA.
  • If you have not done so, please go to Bruin OnLine Proxy Server, and set it up.

[4] Bring Your Own Laptop

  • While your are working in Arisaka Lab, you need to find all kinds of information from websites.
  • Therefore it is absolutely necessary to bring your own Laptop to school all the time!

[5] Joining Our Own "Interactive Virtual Class Room"

  • Below is our own websites for communication purpose.
  • Please contact Peter/Hector and make sure that you are properly registered for the these sites.
  • For information communication among us, please use Facebook Group.
  • Please also post your daily activities at Facebook, at the end of your working day!
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