Navigating Virtual Class Room

We are setting up an "Interactive Virtual Class Room". This page introduces you all the websites which helps you to learn at any location, at any time.

Navigating Public Websites

Today we can find almost all the information on websites. The key is how to find what we want as quick as possible. Below shows typical search engines and methods.

[1] Google, Google Scholar

  • I am sure everyone is familiar with Google Search. It is the simplest starting point for Web surfing.
  • Google offers more specific search engine to search academic articles, called Google Scholar

[2] PubMed

  • PubMed is the most popular search engine in biology and medichine.
  • Advanced search can be performed here.

[3] Textpresso

  • Textpresso is an information extracting and processing package for biological literature.
  • It is especially designed well for C. elegans community.
  • For extensive article search related C. elegans, this is a powerful tool.

[4] WormBook

  • Worm Book is the most well organized website for C. elegans community.
  • It is a comprehensive, open-access collection of original, peer-reviewed chapters covering topics related to the biology of C. elegans and other nematodes.
  • Worm Method is particularly useful for us.

[5] Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE)

[6] iBioSeminars

  • has been developed to bring the best biology to people throughout the world for free, medical, chemical and physical research in a video format.
  • The quality of lectures are all excellent. In particular, Lectures by Cori Bergmans is absolutely wonderful.

[7] UCLA International Conference of C. elegans

  • UCLA has hosting biannual International Conference of C. elegans.
  • The last one was conducted on June 26 - 30, 2013.
  • The next one will be in summer, 2015.

Navigating Public Websites for C. elegans Community

The community of C. elegans has one of the most well organized scientific groups. Fortunately we can rely on a large number of excellent website besides Work Book. Please navigate below and become familiar with available information.

Navigating Our Own Websites

Lastly please spend enough time to navigate our own websites below. Please do not forget to navigate this homepage, by clicking the tabs on the left side of this page!

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