Arisaka's Lecture Series

Lecture 1: Facts on C. Elegans [PDF]

  • This lecture contains basic facts on C. elegans.
  • It also includes introduction to useful websites.
  • Then it goes to genetics, behavior and evolution.

Lecture 2: Theoretical Models [PDF]

  • This lecture contains theoretical models on C. elegans motions.
  • It also includes introduction to complex systems biology and fractal models.
  • At the end, it introduces the Open Worm project.

Lecture 3: Experimental Tools [PDF]

  • This lecture contains various advanced tools and techniques.
  • In particular, important ones are Calcium imaging and Optogenetics.
  • It also explains several Work Trackers in both 2D and 3D.
  • At the end, it introduces various imaging devices such as advanced CMOS cameras.

Lecture 4: Proposed Projects [PDF]

  • This lecture contains the goal of Arisaka Lab and the proposed projects.
  • The key concept is whether C. elegans can recognize the space and time by their own neural networks, or not.
  • If yes, is C. elegans "conscious"?
  • The proposed experiments starts from 2D Worm Tracking with various stimulation.
  • Then we intend to move on to 3D tracking.