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A Brief Introduction to C. Elegans (by OpenWorm)

This is a brief introduction of C. elegans, created by Open Worm.


Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE)

JoVE contains many useful movies. Here is the list of movies related to C. elegans.

Embryonic Development during 12 Hours

This is the movie showing the embryonic development of C. elegans during 12 hours.

Asymmetric Cell Division in Early Embryo

C. elegans embryo carrying GFP-PH and Histone- mCherry imaged from single-cell stage post-fertilization. The migration of female pronucleus towards the male pronucleus is followed by nuclear envelope breakdown, segregation of chromosomes and asymmetric cell division. These early asymmetric division defines the three principal body plane axes namely anterior-posterior, dorso-ventral, and left-right. The first asymmetric division defines the anterior- posterior axis with Anterior to the left of the frame and posterior to the right. At the four cell stage, the bottom of the frame is destined to be the dorsal side while the top part becomes the ventral side of the organism. 31 confocal planes 0.5um apart were acquired every 60 seconds and projected on to a single plane using Metamorph and analyzed in ImageJ; Speed- 3fps. (Courtesy of Ronen lab.)

Mating Behavior

The movie below shows mating behavior of C. elegans. This is the most complex behavior, programmed in a handful neurons in a male C. Elegans.

Harlem Shake

Here are a few examples of Harlem Shake of C. elegans. We will make our own soon!
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