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Newborn cortical neurons: only for neonates?

Despite a century of debate over the existence of adult cortical neurogenesis, a consensus has not yet been reached. Here, we review evidence of the existence, origin, migration, and integration of neurons into the adult and neonatal cerebral cortex. We find that the lack of consensus likely stems from the low rate of postnatal cortical neurogenesis that has been observed, the fact that neurogenesis may be limited to subtypes of interneurons, and variability in other conditions, both physiological and environmental. We emphasize that neurogenesis occurs in the neonatal cortex and that neural stem cells are present into adulthood; it is possible that these progenitors are dormant, but they may be reactivated, for example, following injury.

David M. Feliciano, AngĂ©lique Bordey
Trends in Neurosciences, Volume 36, Issue 1, 51-61, 12 October 2012

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