February 1, 2002

TO: Cheryl Tyler, GSEIS

Eilish Hathaway, IPAM

Rosemary Chavoya, Psychology

Eleanor Mitchell, Powell Library

FROM: John Sandbrook

RE: Update on Construction Activities – Physics & Astronomy Project

Several months have passed since my last note regarding the construction activity of the Physics & Astronomy project so this is an overdue update. As you may be aware, the contractor (Soltek-Pacific) has been pouring the concrete for the foundations and structural columns at the subbasement level of the building, including the 75-truck concrete pour that occurred on Friday, January 25. So, what’s next?

Early –Mid February, 2002

A tower crane, with a 225-foot long boom, will be erected on the site during the weekend of February 9-10, to facilitate the major construction work ahead. This crane, which will be located in the S/W corner of the site, has a 75-foot long counterweight outrigger. Soltek-Pacific has met with CalOSHA to review the installation plan, including all licensing and safety regulations. Joe Raab, of UCLA Environmental Health and Safety, has also been consulted and informed.

The travel path of the crane hoist will be confined to the fenced construction site and the counterweight will not extend west towards Moore Hall beyond the western edge of the construction fence. However, in daily normal operation, the counterweight will swing over the IPAM building and, in non-working hours, the counterweight will rest above the IPAM building. If requested, we will be happy to meet with any and all occupants of the IPAM building to review with them the safety regulations that will be utilized at all times regarding the crane operation. The crane is expected to remain on site until the end of January, 2003 (approximately).

Late February-Early March, 2002

The shotcrete work for the walls of the subbasement and basement levels is scheduled to begin in late February. This will involve approximately eight days of concrete truck arrivals (for each level).



Late March-Early April, 2002

The shoring for the "waffle deck" (floor) pours for the basement and 1st floor levels will begin installation in late March. This does not involve concrete work

Late April, 2002

The concrete pour of the floor will be scheduled for late April. This should require approximately four (4) days of pouring, with approximately 70 trucks per day – approximately the same number as that utilized on Friday, January 25.

Mid-to-Late June through November, 2002

The steel erection phase is scheduled to begin in mid-to-late June and continue through November, 2002. As you know, there are four above-ground levels in this building atop the two below-ground levels. Throughout this five-month period, in addition to the periodic truck deliver of the steel beams and columns, various concrete pours will be scheduled for the floors and walls as the building literally grows.

Mid-to late December, 2002

With the completion of the steel erection phase, we anticipate being able to remove the temporary Franz-Knudsen construction road during the winter holiday period of December 2002, allowing for full use of this pedestrian pathway, effective Winter Quarter 2003. That is our target and hope. We may have to adjust that schedule if construction schedules dictate.

December 2002-October 2003

With the basic structure of the building in place by early December (hopefully), the installation of the building systems and the interior and exterior finishes will occupy the last 10 months of the construction schedule. This work in 2003 should obviously not have the same noise or traffic levels as will be the case in 2002.


This is obviously a very short summary of what remains to be done. I hope that this is descriptive enough for your various faculty/staff/student groups to have some understanding of the scope and schedule for the remaining phases of the project. We, of course, remain available to answer questions and meet with you and your colleagues as requested.

And, needless to say, we remain grateful for your continued patience and cooperation.

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Brian Copenhaver

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