Office of the Provost and Deans

College of Letters and Science

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  August 29, 2001



To:      Dean Aimee Dorr, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies

            Dean Dan Neuman, School of Arts and Architecture

            Professor Peter Bentler, Department of Psychology

            Professor Mark Green, Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics

            Professor Claudio Pellegrini, Department of Physics and Astronomy

            Professor David Gieseker, Department of Mathematics

            Professor Kuo Nan Liou, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

            Librarian Eleanor Mitchell, Powell Library


FROM: John Sandbrook, College of Letters and Science


RE:      Start of Physics+Astronomy Construction


On behalf of Provost Brian Copenhaver and Dean Tony Chan, this is to update the memo of May 4, 2001, regarding the status of the Physics+Astronomy (P+A) construction.  That memo had indicated an anticipated start in mid-to-late July, 2001 for the construction phase to begin.   Obviously, there has been a slightly delay in meeting that target date, but the actual start is now at hand following the opening of construction bids on July 19.   


Since it has been quite some time since a major construction project has been undertaken “from the ground up” (as opposed to interior renovations) in the central academic campus area, special attention needs to be given to comprehensive and efficient communication and coordination of the construction activities. In that spirit, here is the basic information:


General contractor

The contractor is Soltek-Pacific (S-P).  This contractor is familiar with the UCLA campus; S-P completed the J.D. Morgan Athletic Center expansion in 2000 and is presently constructing the Southwest Staging Building in Lot 32 for the School of Arts+Architecture.


Contract Start and Duration

The notice-to-proceed for the construction contract is effective Tuesday, September 4, 2001.  The current contract duration is specified as 815 days, ending approximately December 1, 2003.  Obviously, this target end date may be affected by inclement weather or unanticipated construction issues that arise.


Replacement of Chain-Link Fence Between Knudsen Hall/IPAM and Franz Hall

At the August 29 kickoff meeting, S-P indicated that re-installation of the chain link fence between Knudsen Hall/IPAM and Franz Hall to define the truck access route to Westholme Avenue will occur on or about September 15, 2001.  In addition to an appropriate level of staffing by the contractor to maintain safe pedestrian movement through/around the truck access route, the construction contract requests the contractor to maintain open access through the truck route path each hour during the 10-minute break period between classes.  However, this may not always be possible due to actual construction activity (such as the pouring of concrete).  The Fall Quarter 2001 class schedules for the lecture halls in Knudsen Hall 1200B, 1220B and 1240B and for Franz Hall 1178 are being provided to Capital Programs and S-P.  (S-P is aware of the start date of Tuesday, September 25, for Fall Quarter instruction.)


Fall Quarter Construction

It is not possible to forecast with exact accuracy today the 3-week construction schedule for October and the remainder of the Fall Quarter and Winter Quarter will be, but regular truck traffic can be expected as: (a) the drilling is undertaken for the piles to support the building; (b) concrete is poured for the piles and for the two-level underground floors and walls; and (c) steel is delivered and installed for the four above-ground levels.  These activities will comprise the majority of the most visible work during the first six months of the project, if not longer.


In addition to the possible construction impacts to the west (Moore Hall) and to the south (IPAM, Math Sciences-East Wing and Franz Hall), we are also concerned about the work that will be undertaken on the EAST side of Knudsen Hall, facing Schoenberg, for the construction of the new loading dock and service elevator.  At today’s kickoff meeting, we discussed with S-P the acute sensitivities regarding noise, dust and vibration issues for all of the adjacent campus buildings and especially for the ongoing scientific research programs in Knudsen Hall as well as the various instructional music programs in Schoenberg Hall.


Groundbreaking Ceremony

No special formal groundbreaking ceremony is planned for this project but the Department of Physics+Astronomy may schedule a special departmental event in early October. 


UCLA Contacts

Don Flaskerud will be the UCLA coordinator from Capital Programs and serve as liaison to S-P, working with Ron Enholm as Project Manager.  Bill Robinson, MSO for the Department of Physics+Astronomy, will serve as the contact for the department.  All communications with S-P must be directed through Don.  Any issues that arise from impacts on adjacent buildings should be brought to the attention of Ron Enholm or me immediately, for forwarding to Don and/or Bill. Working with Don, Bill and Ron, we will provide you with periodic (perhaps monthly) updates as to anticipated construction activities so that any matters of concern can be identified and addressed on a timely basis.



We recognize that this project will require patience and cooperation from a wide range of campus colleagues, and we extend our appreciation in advance.  Of course, we intend to be as responsive as possible to your concerns and issues as they arise.  I know you will not be shy in forwarding them to me.



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Copies to:


Pat Baxter

John Hayes

Cheryl Tyler

Linda Johnson

Mary Okino

Rosemary Chavoya

Eilish Hathaway

Bill Robinson

Rick Greenwood

David Lowenstein

Jack Raab

Renee Fortier

Jack Powazek

Patricia Eastman

Steve Olsen

Glyn Davies

Antoinette Mongelli

Bob Naples

Tom Lifka

Anita Cotter

Karl Ross


Dennis Slon

Lonnie Larson

Don Flaskerud

Tom Lavanne

Sue Santon

Ron Enholm

Warren Thomas

Vice Chancellor Peccei

Prof. Ferd Coroniti

Prof. Mike Stenstrom