Graduation 2003-04

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DSCN0109.JPG Silja Haapanen Getting Ready
Lara Pierpoint and friend Jeremy Werner AaronStreets.JPG
Aaron's/grandad/mom.JPG grandad&mom.JPG guestsofgrads.JPG
Undergraduates More undergraduates This is serious business
This is it! C'mon you guys have passed physics - you need help with a map! PhD's
Trust me it will be okay. THis is it. David Hecht
Great look guys. What is that hanging from your hat? Families and friends
More of the proud people Great crowd this year. Joe Rudnick - new chair with Mike Jura and Roberto Peccei
Joe Abelmann-Rudnick award  to Ryan Eagle Abelmann Rudnick Award to Hripsime Topchyan
Abelman-Rudnick award winners Ryan Eagle, Hripsime Topchyan and Noel Velasco Lara Pierpont Lara