UCLA Physics & Astronomy Department  

Katsushi Arisaka Awarded 2010 UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award

The UCLA Physics & Astronomy Department is very pleased to announce that Professor Katsushi Arisaka is the recipient of a 2010 UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award. While Dr. Arisaka is extremely successful at both undergraduate and graduate instruction, he has been particularly effective in teaching physics to non-physics majors. His special seminar for Physics 6B students, Physics 89, is especially praiseworthy. Often those interested in biological science avoid mathematics and quantitative reasoning. This is a particular challenge for students who wish to attend medical school and who must take some physics. However, by developing Physics 89, Professor Arisaka has very powerfully and successfully introduced our students to science. This is a central issue in modern education, and therefore Professor Arisaka is most deserving of this Distinguished Teaching Award.