Several tours are available. If you are interested in any of these tours, please contact Euro Pacific Tours at (800) 303-3005 or (310) 574-0595 or you may contact Bryan Alhman or Laura Bloomquest at the Westwood Doubletree Hotel: (310) 475-8711. All tours are the responsibility of individual guests. Most tours can be arranged with a few days notice, but it is advised that you arrange a tour as soon as possible. The following tours are available:

Tour Tour Description Adult Child (3-11) Additional Information


City Tour and Movie Stars Homes $43 $28 Most common tour, morning, md-morning, mid-afternoon and afternoon departures, 5 hours total, great intro to LA
3 Disneyland $70 $57 Morning and mid-morning departures
4 Universal Studios $63 $47 Morning, mid-morning and afternoon departures
9 Movie Stars Homes & Rodeo Drive $30 $22 Short tour, focuses on stars homes and Beverly Hills
10 Queen Mary $57 $47 Mid-morning departure, self-guided tour
27 Beach Tour and Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade $30 $22 Daily departures

All above rates include round trip and admission to attractions.

Additional information for self-guided tours of Los Angeles:
(for information on transportation options, click here)
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