Proceedings Instructions
Division of Particles and Fields Conference 1999

Proceedings of this conference will be published on the Web by the Library of the University of California at Los Angeles and edited by Katsushi Arisaka and Zvi Bern.

Although we are publishing the proceedings solely on the Web, identical editorial standards will be applied as for book versions of proceedings.

Instructions to authors

The deadline for submitting your contribution is March 15th 1999.
The text must be typed in RevTeX. A template and all necessary style files are located below.  In order to standardize the formatting of the DPF99 proceedings, please download and use this template for your paper. Do not include any additional style files. The following are sample files containing a template of the required RevTeX format: TeX, ps (also located below
You may obtain further information on RevTeX at the APS Web site.

Using the format provided, the maximum length of your contribution (including figures) should be the following:

Do not suppress page numbering.
To include a figure in your paper, use the LaTeX style epsf.sty -- (you can also get it from the xxx preprint server)
Once your proceedings contribution is ready, please run TeX twice and check that it prints out OK.

Submitting your contribution to the DPF99 proceedings

Prepare and submit the following files (we must receive all files for your contribution to be accepted):

  1. The LaTeX source file. (Any special macros that were used should be included in the file.)
  2. All figures formatted as encapsulated postscript files. The figures should be incorporated into the paper via the epsf macro.
  3. An 'abstract' file containing the title, author and abstract. The same format should be followed as for the Los Alamos Archive.
  4. A postscript version of the contribution. (If you send it as gzipped postscript using ftp, you must set ftp to binary mode using the 'bin' command.)

Submit via anonymous ftp, following these instructions:

  1. Check the DPF agenda site to determine your talk number. If your talk is not listed, is not in the correct session, or if the author information is incorrect, please email to receive an updated talk number.
  2. Name files according to your talk number and last name.
    i.e. the associated files for John Smith's Session 17, talk 4  (talk #: 17-04) would be
         (smith1704.tex,, smith1704fig1.eps, smith1704fig2.eps)  
    The image names used in the RevTex file to import the eps image should match the names used for the eps files that you place on our server - i.e. name them "smith1704fig1.eps", "smith1704fig2.eps" in both places
  3. To submit, use this site: or follow these instructions:
        user name: anonymous
        password: (type your email address here)
    ftp> cd pub/dpf99
    ftp> put (your filename here)       (repeat for all files, be sure to include all figures, TeX file, PS file and abstract file)
    ftp> bye

Any trouble with the submission should be reported via email to: The official Web site for the proceedings will be maintained by the UCLA Library. (The library may be contacted at

Submitting your contribution to the Los Alamos preprint archive

Please also submit your contribution to the appropriate archive at Los Alamos and send e-mail notification of the archive number to We will cross link all papers accepted to the proceedings with the archive.

Summary of files and useful links

Here we sumarize all the possible files you may need:

Link to the APS RevTeX site for further information.

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