Quantum Gravity, Strings, and Duality
Session 8B
Thursday, January 7th
1:30 Glueball mass spectrum from supergravity Csaba Csaki (UC Berkeley)
1:52 AdS/CFT and QCD Aki Hashimoto (UCSB)
2:14 Heterotic String/F-theory Duality from Mirror Symmetry Per Berglund (UCSB) ITP
2:36 Wormholes and flux tubes in KK theory Douglas Singleton (CSU Fresno)
3:00 BREAK
3:30 Correlation Functions in AdS/CFT Eric D'Hoker (UCLA)
3:52 Bonus Symmetries of N=4 via AdS Duality Ken Intriligator (UCSD)
4:41 Kinematics of AdS_5/CFT_4 Duality George Minic (USC)
4:36 S-Matrices from AdS Space Joe Polchinski (UCSB) ITP

Last Updated on 12/22/98
By L. Juleen Moon