Quantum Gravity, Strings, and Duality
Session 8A

Thursday, January 7th


Ads_2 and AdS Fragmentation

Juan Maldacena (Harvard)
9:44 AdS/CFT: Phase Transitions in the Microcanonical Ensemble Simon Ross (UCSB)
10:06 Black holes and Causality in AdS/CFT Nissan Itzhaki (UCSB)
10:30 BREAK
11:00 Type IIA D-Branes, K-Theory, and Matrix Theory, and Matrix Theory Petr Horava (Caltech)
11:22 String Theory, Matrix Model, and Noncommutative Geometry Farhad Ardalan (Sharif)
11:44 Operator Spectrum of the Six-dimensional (1,0) Theory Eric Gimon (Caltech)
12:06 SUSY in the Lightlike Limit Simeon Hellerman (UCSB)
12:30 LUNCH

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