Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Session 7A
Wednesday, January 6th
9:00 Implications of Precision Electroweak Measurements for Physics Beyond the Standard Model Jens Erler (U. of Pennsylvania)
9:20 The status of MSSM Higgs Boson Searches at LEP Andy Hocker (U. of Chicago) OPAL
9:40 Higgs Prospects at the Upgraded Tevatron: Fermilab Study Results John Hobbs (Suny at Stony Brook)
10:00 Higgs Compositeness from Top Dynamics Bogdan Dobrescu (Fermilab)
10:20 Search for Scalar Top Christopher Holck (Pennsylvania) CDF
10:30 BREAK
11:00 Search for Charginos and Neutralinos at LEP Ia Iasvili (DESY-Zeuthen) L3
11:20 Feasibility Study of a Search for Chargino-Neutralino Production at CDF Using Like-Sign Dileptons Matthew Worcester (UCLA) CDF
11:30 Understanding the Supersymmetry Soft-Breaking Lagrangian Gordon Kane (U. of Michigan)
11:50 SUSY Searches at D0 David Hedin (Northern Illinois U.) D0
12:05 Single Sector SUSY Breaking John Terning (UC Berkeley)
12:30 LUNCH

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