Non Perturbative QCD
Session 6
Wednesday, January 6th
9:00 Glueball Masses from Supergravity John Terning (UCB, LBNL)
9:20 Center Vortex Confinement John Cornwall (UCLA)
9:40 CP-PACS results for quenched light hadron spectrum and two-flavor full QCD Yoshinobu Kuramashi (Washington U.) CP-PACS
10:00 Light hadron spectrum and heavy-light decay constants from the MILC collaboration Steven Gottlieb (Indiana U.) MILC
10:15 (Semi) Leptonic Decays of D and B Mesons
10:30 BREAK
11:00 Summary of recent OPAL measurements in the non-perturbative QCD domain Giorgio Giacomelli (Bologna) OPAL
11:15 Lambda (1520) production in Z decays; Inclusive rho^0, f_0(980), f_2(1270), K^(*0)_2(1430) and f^'_2(1525) Production in Z decays Emile Schyns (CERN) DELPHI
11:25 Rapidity-rank structure of p-pbar pairs in hadronic Z decays Jerry Lamsa (Iowa State) DELPHI
11:30 QCD with domain wall quarks Thomas Blum (RIKEN BNL)
11:50 Dynamical lattice QCD thermodynamics and the U(1) axial anomaly with domain wall fermions Pavlos Vranas (U. of Illinois) CLG
12:05 Lattice calculation of matrix elements relevant for Delta I=1\2 rule and epsilon-prime Dmitry Pekurovsky (Ohio State)
12:15 | Delta I | =3/2 decays of hyperons in chiral perturbation theory Jusak Tandean (Iowa State)
12:30 LUNCH

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