Perturbative QCD
Session 5B
Thursday, January 7th
9:00 Triple Differential Dijet Cross Sections at the Tevatron Mrinmoy Bhattacharjee D0
9:18 The Dijet Mass Cross Section at the Tevatron Jay Hauser (UCLA) CDF
9:36 Internal jet ET flow at full NLO QCD Dieter Zeppenfeld (Wisconsin)
9:51 Inclusive Jet Production at Center-of-Mass Energies of 630 GeV and 1800 GeV at the Tevatron John Krane (Nebraska) D0
10:14 NLO Three-Jet Production at Hadron Colliders Bill Kilgore (Brookhaven)
10:30 BREAK
11:00 Comparing Gluon to Quark Jets with DELPHI Oliver Klapp (Wuppertal) DELPHI
11:18 Probability for Gluon Splitting into b bbar Toshinori Abe (SLAC) SLD
11:36 Amplitudes for Higgs Bosons plus Four Partons Russel Kauffman (Muhlenberg)
11:51 Spin Structure Functions g_1 and g_2 for the Proton and Deuteron Greg Mitchell (Wisconsin) SLAC E155
12:09 Recent QCD results from LEP and LEP2 Bill Gary (UC Riverside) OPAL
12:35 LUNCH

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