Perturbative QCD

Session 5A
Wednesday, January 6th
1:30 Structure Functions, the Gluon Density, and PQCD Tests

Richard Cross (Univ. of Wisconsin)

1:53 Global Analysis of Parton Distribution Functions Wu-Ki Tung (Michigan State)
2:13 A Non-Local OPE for Hard QCD processes in the Elastic Limit Michael Sotiropoulos (Michigan)
2:33 Diffractive Results from the Tevatron Gilvan Alves D0
2:51 Hard Diffraction of Small-Size Hadronic States Francesco Hautmann (Penn)
3:11 BREAK
3:41 Status of the BFKL Resummation Program Carl Schmidt (Michigan State)
4:01 Influence of Parton $k_T$ on High $p_T$ Particle Production Michael Begel (Rochester) FNALE706
4:19 Improved Measurement of the b Quark Fragmentation Function Danning Dong (MIT) SLD
4:37 Tests of Perturbative QCD using W+Jets Events in 1.8 TeV $p\bar{p}$ Collisions Dan Cronin-Hennessy (Duke U.) CDF

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