Weak Decays and CP Violation
Session 4B
Thursday, January 7th





1:30 BES Results on Inclusive D Meson Decays Xinchou Lou (U. of Texas) BFS
1:45 CP Violation in Charm Decays Alexey Petrov (John Hopkins)
1:55 Measurements of the {\it CP}-Violation Parameter $\sin(2\beta)$ in $B^0\rightarrow J/\psi\,K_S^0$ Decays Jonathan Lewis (Fermilab) CDF
2:15 A Search for CP(T) Violation using Reconstructed Secondary Vertices Robin Coxe (U. of Chicago) OPAL
2:30 General Analysis of $B$ Decays to Two Psuedoscalars for EWP, Rescattering and Color Suppression Effects David Atwood (Iowa State)
2:45 Isospin Violation in $B\to\pi\pi$ Decays Susan Gardner (U. of Kentucky)
3:00 BREAK
3:30 Recent CLEO Results on D-mixing and DCSD Jeff Gronberg (UCSB) CLEO
3:50 B Decays to CP Eigenstates with Charm Sacha Kopp (Syracuse U.) CLEO
4:20 Penguins, Trees, and CP violation in B Decays Frank Wuerthwein (Caltech) CLEO
4:45 West Indies or Antartica: Direct CP Violation in B Decays George Hou (BNL, Nat'l Taiwan U.)

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By L. Juleen Moon