Heavy Flavor Physics
Session 3B
Wednesday, January 6th





1:30 Theoretical Developments in Inclusive B Decays Zoltan Ligeti (Fermilab)
2:00 PQCD Analysis of Exclusive B Meson Decays Hsiang-Nan Li (Nat'l Cheng-Kung U.)
2:10 New results from semileptonic b,c decays from Delphi Martino Margoni (U. Padova)
2:30 Probing CKM via Semileptonic B decays at the Upsilon(4S) Kay Kinoshita (U. Cincinnati)
3:00 BREAK
3:30 B decay studies at SLD Mark Convery (SLAC)
3:55 Form Factor Relations in the Quark Model Joao Soares (U. Massachusetts)
4:15 Status of Lattice Calculations of Heavy Quark Phenomenology Sinead Ryan (Fermilab)
4:30 Charm Spectroscopy Michael Zoeller (OSU)
4:50 First Charm Baryon Physics from SELEX(E781)
Charm Hadroproduction from SELEX
Soon Yung Jun (Carnegie Mellon U.)
Frenanda Garcia (FNAL)

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