Heavy Flavor Physics

Session 3A
Wednesday, January 6th
9:00 b-hadron lifetimes and oscillations (LEP/SLD/CDF) Duccio Abbaneo (Cern) ALEPH
9:20 Results on Heavy Flavours from OPAL Thomas Junk (Carleton U.)
9:40 Recent results on Heavy Flavours with L3 Vuko Brigljevic (ETH Zurich)
10:00 Recent B Physics Results from CDF and DO Stephen Pappas (Yale)
10:30 BREAK
11:00 Recent results on Heavy Flavours with ALEPH Fabrizio Palla (INFN Pisa)
11:20 Rescattering Effects in B Decays Alexey Petrov (John Hopkins)
11:50 Charmless Hadronic Two-body B Decays Hai-Yang Cheng (Academia Sinica)
12:00 Rare B Decays at CLEO (PV, sgamma, sll,..) Yongsheng Gao (Harvard)
12:30 LUNCH

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By L. Juleen Moon