Electroweak Interactions
Wednesday, January 6th





1:30 Search for the Higgs boson at LEP T. Greening (U. of Wisconsin) ALEPH
1:50 Standard Model Higgs and Top measurements at the Tevatron W. Yao (LBNL) CDF
2:20 Exploiting h->W*W* decays at the upgraded Tevatron R-J Zhang (U. of Wisconsin)
2:30 Searching for VV->H->tau tau at the LHC D.L. Rainwater (U. Wisconsin)
2:40 Measuring the Higgs Yukawa Coupling at an NLC S. Dawson (BNL)
2:50 High Q^2 NC&CC DIS cross sections from ZEUS C.M. Ginsburg (Ohio State U.) ZEUS
3:05 BREAK
3:30 The Muon g-2 Experiment at Brookhaven O. Rind (BNL) g-2
3:50 Measurement of R Between 2-5 GeV D. Kong (U. of Hawaii) BES
4:05 An improved determination of the Fermi Coupling Constant, G_F R. Stuart (U. of Michigan)
4:20 The global electroweak fit in the Standard Model R. Clare (MIT)
4:50 Electroweak fits within the MSSM D. Pierce (BNL)
5:10 Toward resolution of Proton Spin Crisis

Fan Wang (Nanjing U.)


Last Updated on 12/22/98
By L. Juleen Moon