Electroweak Interactions
Wednesday, January 6th
Time Title Speaker Collab
9:00 A measurement of sin2thetaW from NuTeV G.P. Zeller (Northwestern U.) NuTeV
9:20 Measurements of ALR, AL, and Ab from SLD J. Fernandez (UC Santa Cruz) SLD
9:30 Measurements of Z0 to heavy-quark couplings at SLD M. Iwasaki (U. of Oregon) SLD
9:40 Direct measurement of the s-quark Asymmetry H. Staengle (Colorado State U.)
9:50 Heavy quark asymmetries with DELPHI E. Migliore (CERN) DELPHI
10:05 Heavy quark production at the Z F. Martinez-Vidal (U. of Valencia) DELPHI
10:25 Measurements of Fermion Pair Production at High Energy with the L3 detector S. Muijs (NIKHEF) L3
10:35 BREAK
11:00 Study of the production of Z boson pairs at e+e- collisions at LEP with the L3 detector S. Hou (Nat'l Central U., Taiwan) L3
11:10 Measurement of ZZ cross section with ALEPH C.A. Loomis (CERN) ALEPH
11:25 The WW cross section and Triple Gauge Couplings at OPAL H. Voss (U. of Bonn) OPAL
11:40 Measurements of the W Boson Properties with the L3 detector A. Button (U. of Michigan) L3
11:50 The measurement of the W Boson mass at LEP D.A. Glenzinski (U. of Chicago) OPAL
12:10 Recent results from the Tevatron on W physics K. Gounder (UC Riverside) D0
12:40 LUNCH

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By L. Juleen Moon