Novel Detector Developments
Session 12
Thursday, January 7th




1:30 First Results for 3D Silicon Detectore Kenney
1:45 Atlas Pixel Project Richardson
2:00 Triggering BteV Gottschalk
2:15 Online Tracker Processor for the CDF upgrade Winer
2:30 CVD Diamond Detectors Kagan
2:45 Crystal Calorimetry Zhu
3:00 BREAK
3:30 Cleo III Rich Detector Wang
3:45 Ultra-High Resolution Multi-Hit TDC Mukhanov
4:00 Mixed signal ASIC for D0 Mani
4:15 Extruded Plastic Scintillation Detectors Pla
4:30 MSGC tracker for CMS Brom
4:45 Straw Tube Chamber with Pad Readout Lu
5:00 Particle Identification with Belle Browder

Last Updated on 12/22/98
By L. Juleen Moon