High Energy Astrophysics
Session 10A
Wednesday, January 6th
9:00 TBA
9:25 Prediction and Detection of Ultra High Energy Neutrino Bursts Mou Roy (LBNL)
9:40 Current Status of VHE Astronomy Gus Sinnis (LANL) Milagro
10:05 Extragalactic Absorption of High Energy Gamma-Rays F.W. Stecker (NASA/GSFC)
10:20 BREAK
11:00 Future Prospects for Cherenkov Astronomy Michael A. Cantanese (Iowa State) Whipple
11:30 Physics of GLAST and future gamma-ray missions Robert Johnson (SLAC) GLAST
12:00 Search for Astrophysical Sources with MACRO Douglas Michael (Caltech) MACRO
12:20 LUNCH

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