DPF ‘99 Program
Covel Commons, UCLA, 330 DeNeve Drive

Wednesday, January 6th - Parallel Sessions
9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (Break 10:30-11:00 a.m.)

Electroweak Interactions
Session 1A
Northwest Campus Auditorium

Conveners: Morris Swartz (Johns Hopkins Univ.) & Roberto Tenchini (INFN-Pisa)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
9:00 A measurement of sin2thetaW from NuTeV   G.P. Zeller (Northwestern U.)   NuTeV
9:20 Measurements of ALR, AL, and Ab from SLD   J. Fernandez (UC Santa Cruz)   SLD
9:30 Measurements of Z0 to heavy-quark couplings at SLD    M. Iwasaki (U. of Oregon)   SLD
9:40 Direct measurement of the s-quark Asymmetry    H. Staengle (Colorado State U.)    
9:50 Heavy quark asymmetries with DELPHI   E. Migliore (CERN)   DELPHI
10:05 Heavy quark production at the Z   F. Martinez-Vidal (U. of Valencia)   DELPHI
10:25 Measurements of Fermion Pair Production at High Energy with the L3 detector   S. Muijs (NIKHEF)   L3
10:35 BREAK      
11:00 Study of the production of Z boson pairs at e+e- collisions at LEP with the L3 detector   S. Hou (Nat'l Central U., Taiwan)   L3
11:10 Measurement of ZZ cross section with ALEPH   C.A. Loomis (CERN)   ALEPH
11:25 The WW cross section and Triple Gauge Couplings at OPAL    H. Voss (U. of Bonn)   OPAL
11:40 Measurements of the W Boson Properties with the L3 detector   A. Button (U. of Michigan)   L3
11:50 The measurement of the W Boson mass at LEP   D.A. Glenzinski (U. of Chicago)   OPAL
12:10 Recent results from the Tevatron on W physics    K. Gounder (UC Riverside)   D0
12:40 LUNCH      

Heavy Flavor Physics
Session 3A
Grand Horizon Room

Conveners: Adam Falk (Johns Hopkins) & Alan Weinstein (CalTech)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
9:00   b-hadron lifetimes and oscillations (LEP/SLD/CDF) Duccio Abbaneo (Cern)   ALEPH
9:20   Results on Heavy Flavours from OPAL   Thomas Junk (Carleton U.)    
9:40   Recent results on Heavy Flavours with L3    Vuko Brigljevic (ETH Zurich)    
10:00   Recent B Physics Results from CDF and DO    Stephen Pappas (Yale)    
10:30   BREAK      
11:00   Recent results on Heavy Flavours with ALEPH    Fabrizio Palla (INFN Pisa)    
11:20   Rescattering Effects in B Decays   Alexey Petrov (John Hopkins)    
11:50   Charmless Hadronic Two-body B Decays    Hai-Yang Cheng (Academia Sinica)  
12:00   Rare B Decays at CLEO (PV, sgamma, sll,..)    Yongsheng Gao (Harvard)    
12:30   LUNCH      

Non Perturbative QCD
Session 6
Study Lounge

Conveners: Claude Bernard (Washington Univ.) & Paul MacKenzie (Fermilab)

Time Title   Speaker    
9:00 Glueball Masses from Supergravity   John Terning (UCB, LBNL)    
9:20 Center Vortex Confinement   John Cornwall (UCLA)    
9:40 CP-PACS results for quenched light hadron spectrum and two-flavor full QCD   Yoshinobu Kuramashi (Washington U.) CP-PACS
10:00 Light hadron spectrum and heavy-light decay constants from the MILC collaboration   Steven Gottlieb (Indiana U.)   MILC
10:15 (Semi) Leptonic Decays of D and B Mesons    James Simone (Fermilab)    
10:30 BREAK      
11:00 Summary of recent OPAL measurements in the non-perturbative QCD domain   Giorgio Giacomelli (Bologna)   OPAL
11:15 Lambda (1520) production in Z decays; Inclusive rho^0, f_0(980), f_2(1270), K^(*0)_2(1430) and f^'_2(1525) Production in Z decays    Emile Schyns (CERN)   DELPHI
11:2 Rapidity-rank structure of p-pbar pairs in hadronic Z decays   Jerry Lamsa (Iowa State)   DELPHI
11:30 QCD with domain wall quarks   Thomas Blum (RIKEN BNL)    
11:50 Dynamical lattice QCD thermodynamics and the U(1) axial anomaly with domain wall fermions   Pavlos Vranas (U. of Illinois)   CLG
12:05 Lattice calculation of matrix elements relevant for Delta I=1\2 rule and epsilon-prime   Dmitry Pekurovsky (Ohio State)    
12:15 | Delta I | =3/2 decays of hyperons in chiral perturbation theory   Jusak Tandean (Iowa State)    
12:30 LUNCH      

Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Session 7A
South Salon

Conveners: Howard Haber (UC Santa Cruz) & Hitoshi Murayama (UC Berkeley)

Time Title   Speaker   Collab
9:00 Implications of Precision Electroweak Measurements for Physics Beyond the Standard Model   Jens Erler (U. of Pennsylvania)    
9:20 The status of MSSM Higgs Boson Searches at LEP Andy Hocker (U. of Chicago)   OPAL
9:40 Higgs Prospects at the Upgraded Tevatron: Fermilab Study Results   John Hobbs (Suny at Stony Brook)  
10:00 Higgs Compositeness from Top Dynamics    Bogdan Dobrescu (Fermilab)    
10:20 Search for Scalar Top   Christopher Holck (Pennsylvania) CDF
10:30 BREAK      
11:00 Search for Charginos and Neutralinos at LEP    Ia Iasvili (DESY-Zeuthen)   L3
11:20 Feasibility Study of a Search for Chargino-Neutralino Production at CDF Using Like-Sign Dileptons   Matthew Worcester (UCLA)   CDF
11:30 Understanding the Supersymmetry Soft-Breaking Lagrangian   Gordon Kane (U. of Michigan)    
11:50 SUSY Searches at D0   David Hedin (Northern Illinois U.)   D0
12:05 Single Sector SUSY Breaking   John Terning (UC Berkeley)    
12:30 LUNCH      

High Energy Astrophysics
Session 10A
South Bay Room

Conveners: Todd Haines (Los Alamos Nat'l Lab) & Rene Ong (Univ. of Chicago)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
9:00 TBA      
9:25 Prediction and Detection of Ultra High Energy Neutrino Bursts   Mou Roy (LBNL)    
9:40 Current Status of VHE Astronomy   Gus Sinnis (LANL)   Milagro
10:05 Extragalactic Absorption of High Energy Gamma-Rays   F.W. Stecker (NASA/GSFC)    
10:20 BREAK      
11:00 Future Prospects for Cherenkov Astronomy    Michael A. Cantanese (Iowa St) Whipple
11:30 Physics of GLAST and future gamma-ray missions    Robert Johnson (SLAC)   GLAST
12:00 Search for Astrophysical Sources with MACRO    Douglas Michael (Caltech)   MACRO
12:20 LUNCH      

Advanced Accelerator Techniques
Session 11A
Northridge Room

Conveners: William Foster (Fermilab) & Robert Siemann (SLAC)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
9:00   Two Beam Accelerators   Ron Ruth (SLAC)    
9:35   Plasma Accelerators   Chan Joshi (UCLA)    
10:10 Plasma Lens Experiment at SLAC and its Implication to High Energy Physics   Pisin Chen (SLAC)    
10:45 BREAK      
11:15 Muon Cooling Experiment   Norbert Holtkamp (FNAL)    
11:50 Magnets for the VLHC   Peter Wanderer (BNL)    
12:30 LUNCH      

Wednesday, January 6th - Parallel Sessions
1:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Break 3:00-3:30 p.m.)

Electroweak Interactions
Session 1B
Northwest Campus Auditorium

Conveners: Morris Swartz (Johns Hopkins Univ.) & Roberto Tenchini (INFN-Pisa)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
1:30 Search for the Higgs boson at LEP   T. Greening (U. of Wisconsin) ALEPH
1:50 Standard Model Higgs and Top measurements at the Tevatron   W. Yao (LBNL)   CDF
2:20 Exploiting h->W*W* decays at the upgraded Tevatron   R-J Zhang (U. of Wisconsin)    
2:30 Searching for VV->H->tau tau at the LHC    D.L. Rainwater (U. Wisconsin)   
2:40 Measuring the Higgs Yukawa Coupling at an NLC    S. Dawson (BNL)    
2:50 High Q^2 NC&CC DIS cross sections from ZEUS    C.M. Ginsburg (Ohio State U.)  ZEUS
3:05 BREAK      
3:30 The Muon g-2 Experiment at Brookhaven    O. Rind (BNL)   g-2
3:50 Measurement of R Between 2-5 GeV   D. Kong (U. of Hawaii)   BES
4:05 An improved determination of the Fermi Coupling Constant, G_F   R. Stuart (U. of Michigan)    
4:20 The global electroweak fit in the Standard Model    R. Clare (MIT)    
4:50 Electroweak fits within the MSSM   D. Pierce (BNL)    
5:10 Toward resolution of Proton Spin Crisis Fan Wang (Nanjing University)  
5:25 ADJOURN      

Heavy Flavor Physics
Session 3B
Grand Horizon Room

Conveners: Adam Falk (Johns Hopkins) & Alan Weinstein (CalTech)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
1:30   Theoretical Developments in Inclusive B Decays    Zoltan Ligeti (Fermilab)    
2:00   PQCD Analysis of Exclusive B Meson Decays    Hsiang-Nan Li (Nat'l Cheng-Kung U.)   
2:10   New results from semileptonic b,c decays from Delphi Martino Margoni (U. Padova)    
2:30   Probing CKM via Semileptonic B decays at the Upsilon(4S) Kay Kinoshita (U. Cincinnati)    
3:00   BREAK      
3:30   B decay studies at SLD   Mark Convery (SLAC)    
3:55   Form Factor Relations in the Quark Model    Joao Soares (U. Massachusetts)    
4:15   Status of Lattice Calculations of Heavy Quark Phenomenology   Sinead Ryan (Fermilab)    
4:30   Charm Spectroscopy   Michael Zoeller (OSU)    
4:50   First Charm Baryon Physics from SELEX(E781)
Charm Hadroproduction from SELEX
Soon Yung Jun (Carnegie Mellon Univ.)
Fernanda Garcia (FNAL)  
5:10   ADJOURN      

Perturbative QCD
Session 5A
Study Lounge

Conveners: Lance Dixon (SLAC) & Joey Huston (Michigan State University)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
1:30   Structure Functions, the Gluon Density, and PQCD Tests   Richard Cross (Univ of Wisconsin) ZEUS
1:53   Global Analysis of Parton Distribution Functions    Wu-Ki Tung (Michigan State)    
2:13   A Non-Local OPE for Hard QCD processes in the Elastic Limit   Michael Sotiropoulos (Michigan)    
2:33   Diffractive Results from the Tevatron    Gilvan Alves (Fermilab)   D0
2:51   Hard Diffraction of Small-Size Hadronic States    Francesco Hautmann (Penn)    
3:11   BREAK      
3:41   Status of the BFKL Resummation Program    Carl Schmidt (Michigan State)    
4:01   Influence of Parton $k_T$ on High $p_T$ Particle Production   Michael Begel (Rochester)   FNALE706
4:19   Improved Measurement of the b Quark Fragmentation Function   Danning Dong (MIT)   SLD
4:37   Tests of Perturbative QCD using W+Jets Events in 1.8 TeV $p\bar{p}$ Collisions   Dan Cronin-Hennessy (Duke U.)   CDF
5:00   ADJOURN      

Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Session 7B
South Salon

Conveners: Howard Haber (UC Santa Cruz) & Hitoshi Murayama (UC Berkeley)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
1:30   Phenomenology of Theories with Submillimeter Dimensions and TeV Scale Quantum Gravity   Nima Arkani-Hamed (SLAC)    
1:50   Search for GMSB at sqrt(s) = 189 GeV at LEP   Gary Taylor (UC Santa Cruz)   ALEPH
2:10   Search for Long-Lived Charged Massive Particles at CDF   Amy Connolly (UC Berkeley)   CDF
2:20   (S) neutrinos in R-Parity Violating SUSY    Yuval Grossman (SLAC)    
2:40   LEP Results on SUSY: Sfermions and R-Parity Violation   Mikael Berggren (LAL Orsay)   DELPHI
3:00   BREAK      
3:30   Closing the Light Gluino Window   Amitabh Lath (Rutgers)   KTeV
3:45   New Physics in CP Violating B Decays    Mihir Worah (UC Berkeley)    
4:05   Second Generation Leptoquark Searches    Dan Karmgard (Florida State)   D0
4:20   Results on Proton Decay Searches from SuperKamiokande   Brett Viren (SUNY at Stony Brook)  
4:35   Fermion masses, neutrino oscillations, and proton decay in the light of SuperKamiokande   Kaladi Babu (Oklahoma State)    
5:05   ADJOURN      

High Energy Astrophysics
Session 10B
South Bay Room

Conveners: Todd Haines (Los Alamos Nat'l Lab) & Rene Ong (Univ. of Chicago)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
1:30   Origin of Galactic Cosmic-Ray Electrons  Glenn Allen (NASA/GSFC)    
2:00   Ultrahigh energy cosmic rays: Status and Future   Pierre Sokolsky (U. of Utah)   Hi-Res Fly's
2:30   Cosmic background neutrinos and their detection   Chris Hagmann (LLNL)    
3:00   BREAK      
3:30   What are sterile neutrinos good for?   Mitesh Patel (UCSD)    
3:45   Explanations of pulsar motions   Alexander Kusenko (UCLA)    
4:00   High-Energy Neutrino Astrophysics   Wolfgang Rhode (UCB)   AMANDA
4:30   ADJOURN      

Wednesday, January 6th - Special Session
5:00p.m.- 6:30p.m.

South Bay Room

Session Chair: Cathy Newman-Holmes
Special Session (co-sponsored by DPF and APS Committee on the Status of Women in Physics)

Time   Title   Speaker
5:00   Results from the Dual Career Couple Survey   Marc Sher (William and Mary)
6:30   Adjourn    


Thursday, January 7th -Parallel Sessions
9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (Break 10:30-11:00 a.m.)

Neutrino Masses and Oscillations
Session 2A
Grand Horizon Room

Conveners: Wick Haxton (U. Washington) & Henry Sobel (UC Irvine)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
9:00   Determination of the nu-tau mass from LEP   Fabio Cerutti (CERN)   ALEPH
9:15   Limits on the Mass of the Tau Neutrino from CLEO    John Urheim (Caltech)    
9:30   Solar Neutrinos with SuperK   Michael Smy (UCI)    
9:50   Status of SNO   Colin Okada (LBL)    
10:10   Status of solar neutrino oscillation analyses   Plamen Krastev (Wisconsin)    
10:30   BREAK      
11:00   Atmospheric Neutrinos at Super-Kamiokande   Mark Messier (BU)    
11:15   Neutrino-Induced Upgoing muons in Super-Kamiokande    Alec Habig (BU)    
11:30   Atmospheric neutrino results in Soudan 2   Maury Goodman (ANL)    
11:45   Neutino-Induced Upgoing muons at MACRO   Nat Longley (Swarthmore)    
12:00   Measurement of the neutrino-induced Semi-contained events in MACRO   Bob Nolty (Caltech)    
12:15   Chooz/Kamland   Byron Dieterle (UNM)    
12:35   LUNCH      

Heavy Flavor Physics
Session 3C
Study Lounge

Conveners: Adam Falk (Johns Hopkins) & Alan Weinstein (CalTech)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
9:00   Charm Lifetime Measurements from CLEO   Soeren Prell (UCSD)    
9:20   Recent Results from Fermilab Charm Experiment E791 David Sanders (U. Mississippi)  
9:40   Flavor Changing Processes in Quarkonia Decay   Alakaba Datta (U. Toronto)    
9:55   Results on charm and charmonium from BES   Fred Harris (U. Hawaii)    
10:25 Break    
11:15 Top Quark Physics Potential with ATLAS at the LHC John Parsons (Columbia)  
11:30   Top Physics from D0 and CDF   Jim Cochran (Iowa State U. and D0)    
12:00   Top and Gluons at Lepton Colliders   Lynne Orr (U. Rochester)    
12:15   Top-Charm Associated Production in e+e- Collisions    JoAnne Hewett (SLAC)    
12:30   ADJOURN      

Weak Decays and CP Violation
Session 4A
South Salon

Conveners: Kam-Biu Luk (UC Berkeley) & German Valencia (Iowa State)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
9:00   The Rare Kaon Decay $K^+\rightarrow\pi^+\nu\bar{\nu}$   Milind Diwan (BNL)    
9:15   Recent Results from BNL E871   Roy Lee (UCI)    
9:35   Results on Some Rare Kaon Decays from BNL E865    D. Kraus (U. of Pittsburgh)    
9:55   Study of the Decays $K_L\rightarrow\pi^+\pi-\gamma$ and $K_L\rightarrow\pi^+\pi^-e^-$ at KTeV   John Belz (Rutgers)    
10:15 KTeV Results on the Decays $K_L\to\pi^0\gamma\gamma$ and $K_L\to\pi^0 e^+ e^-\gamma$   Sydney Taegar (U. of Arizona)    
10:30 BREAK      
11:00 Rare Decays of $K_L and $\pi^0$ to Leptons by    Amitabh Lath (Rutgers)    
11:15 E799 Scalar and Tensor Couplings in Kaon Decays    Richard Tesarek (Rutgers)    
11:30 Branching Ratio and Form Factor Measurements of Cascade beta Decay Ashkan Alavi-Harati (U. of Wisconsin)  
11:45 CP Violation in Non-Leptonic $\Omega^-$ Decays    Jusak Tandean (Iowa State)    
12:00 Measurements of Electroweak Couplings of the Tau Lepton at L3   Tom Paul (Northeastern U.)   L3
12:15 CP Violation in a 2-Higgs Doublet Model for the Top   Guo-Hong Wu (Purdue U.)    
12:30 LUNCH      

Perturbative QCD
Session 5B
Northwest Campus Auditorium

Conveners: Lance Dixon (SLAC) & Joey Huston (Michigan State University)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
9:00   Triple Differential Dijet Cross Sections at the Tevatron   Mrinmoy Bhattacharjee (Fermilab) D0
9:18   The Dijet Mass Cross Section at the Tevatron    Jay Hauser (UCLA)   CDF
9:36   Internal jet ET flow at full NLO QCD    Dieter Zeppenfeld (Wisconsin)    
9:51   Inclusive Jet Production at Center-of-Mass Energies of 630 GeV and 1800 GeV at the Tevatron   John Krane (Nebraska)   D0
10:14 NLO Three-Jet Production at Hadron Colliders    Bill Kilgore (Brookhaven)    
10:30 BREAK      
11:00 Comparing Gluon to Quark Jets with DELPHI    Oliver Klapp (Wuppertal)   DELPHI
11:18 Probability for Gluon Splitting into b bbar    Toshinori Abe (SLAC)   SLD
11:36 Amplitudes for Higgs Bosons plus Four Partons    Russel Kauffman (Muhlenberg)    
11:51 Spin Structure Functions g_1 and g_2 for the Proton and Deuteron   Greg Mitchell (Wisconsin)   SLAC E155
12:09 Recent QCD results from LEP and LEP2    Bill Gary (UC Riverside)   OPAL
12:35 LUNCH      

Quantum Gravity, Strings, and Duality
Session 8A
Northridge Room

Conveners: Juan Maldacena (Harvard) & Joseph Polchinski (UC Santa Barbara)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
9:00   Ads_2 and AdS Fragmentation   Juan Maldacena (Harvard)    
9:44   AdS/CFT: Phase Transitions in the Microcanonical Ensemble    Simon Ross (UCSB)    
10:06   Black holes and Causality in AdS/CFT   Nissan Itzhaki (UCSB)    
10:30   BREAK      
11:00   Type IIA D-Branes, K-Theory, and Matrix Theory, and Matrix Theory   Petr Horava (Caltech)    
11:22   String Theory, Matrix Model, and Noncommutative Geometry    Farhad Ardalan (Sharif)    
11:44   Operator Spectrum of the Six-dimensional (1,0) Theory    Eric Gimon (Caltech)    
12:06   SUSY in the Lightlike Limit   Simeon Hellerman (UCSB)    
12:30   LUNCH      

Cosmology and Dark Matter
Session 9A
South Bay Room

Conveners: Kim Griest (UC San Diego) & Martin White (Univ. of Illinois)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
9:00   Direct Detection of WIMP Dark Matter   Rick Gaitskell (UC Berkeley)    
9:35   Zeplin II xenon Detector for WIMPs Search   Hanguo Wang (UCLA)    
9:55   The Large Scale U.S. Dark Matter Axion Search   Darin Kinion (LLNL)    
10:15   SUSY Q-balls as Dark Matter   Alexander Kusenko (UCLA)    
10:35   BREAK      
11:00   Indirect Detection of Neuralino Dark Matter   Eva Dalberg (Stocholm University)    
11:35   Indirect Search for Neuralino DM with MACRO   Douglas Michael ()    
11:55   Microlensing Results and Dark Matter   Kim Griest (UC San Diego)    
12:30   LUNCH      

Thursday, January 7th- Parallel Sessions
1:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Break 3:00-3:30 p.m.)

Neutrino Masses and Oscillations
Session 2B
Grand Horizon Room

Conveners: Wick Haxton (U. Washington) & Henry Sobel (UC Irvine)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
1:30   Supernova constraints on Neutrino Mass    Yong-Zhong Qian (Los Alamos)  
1:50   Neutrino Oscillations in SUSY GUT's   Stuart Raby (Ohio State)    
2:10   Active-Sterile Neutrino Mixing in the Early Universe and Primordial Nucleosynthesis   Kevork Abazajian (UCSD)    
2:25   The Quantum Mechanics of Neutrino Oscillations    Michael Nauenberg (UCSC)  
2:45   Evidence for neutrino oscillations from LSND    Eric Church (UCR)    
3:00   BREAK      
3:30   Mini-Boone   Andrew Bazarko (Princeton)  
3:45   Results from Chorus and Nomad   Dieter Frekers (CERN)    
4:05   Searches for Neutrino Oscillations at NuTeV    Deborah A. Harris (Rochester)    
4:20   High Statistics Search for nu_e oscillations    Alexandru Romosan (Columbia)    
4:35   Status of the MINOS experiment   Jeff Nelson (U. of Minnesota)    
4:50   Proposed long-baseline experiments   Gianrossano Giannini (Trieste)    
5:10   ADJOURN      

Weak Decays and CP Violation
Session 4B
South Salon

Conveners: Kam-Biu Luk (UC Berkeley) & German Valencia (Iowa State)

Time Title   Speaker   Collab
1:30   BES Results on Inclusive D Meson Decays    Xinchou Lou (U. of Texas)   BFS
1:45   CP Violation in Charm Decays   Alexey Petrov (John Hopkins)    
1:55   Measurements of the {\it CP}-Violation Parameter $\sin(2\beta)$ in $B^0\rightarrow J/\psi\,K_S^0$ Decays   Jonathan Lewis (Fermilab)   CDF
2:15   A Search for CP(T) Violation using Reconstructed Secondary Vertices   Robin Coxe (U. of Chicago)   OPAL
2:30   General Analysis of $B$ Decays to Two Psuedoscalars for EWP, Rescattering and Color Suppression Effects   David Atwood (Iowa State)    
2:45   Isospin Violation in $B\to\pi\pi$ Decays    Susan Gardner (U. of Kentucky)  
3:00   BREAK      
3:30   Recent CLEO Results on D-mixing and DCSD    Jeff Gronberg (UCSB)   CLEO
3:50   B Decays to CP Eigenstates with Charm    Sacha Kopp (Syracuse U.)   CLEO
4:20   Penguins, Trees, and CP violation in B Decays    Frank Wuerthwein (Caltech)   CLEO
4:45   West Indies or Antartica: Direct CP Violation in B Decays   George Hou (BNL, Nat'l Taiwan U.)  
5:00   ADJOURN      

Novel Detector Developments
Session 12
Study Lounge

Conveners: Alan Bross (Fermilab) & Daniel Marlow (Princeton)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
1:30   First Results for 3D Silicon Detectore   Chris Kenney (U. of Hawaii)    
1:45   Atlas Pixel Project   John Richardson (LBNL)    
2:00   Triggering BteV   Erik Gottschalk (Fermilab)    
2:15   Online Tracker Processor for the CDF upgrade   Brian Winer (Ohio State Univ.)    
2:30   CVD Diamond Detectors   Harris Kagan (Ohio State Univ.)    
2:45   Crystal Calorimetry   Ren-yuan Zhu (Caltech)    
3:00   BREAK      
3:30   Cleo III Rich Detector   Jianchun Wang (Syracuse)    
3:45   Ultra-High Resolution Multi-Hit TDC   Oleg Mukhanov (Hypres, Inc.)    
4:00   Mixed signal ASIC for D0   Sudhindra Mani (UC Davis)    
4:15   Extruded Plastic Scintillation Detectors   Anna Pla-Dalmau (Fermilab)    
4:30   MSGC tracker for CMS   Jean-Marie Brom (IReS)    
4:45   Straw Tube Chamber with Pad Readout   Changguo Lu (Princeton)    
5:00   Particle Identification with Belle   Thomas Browder (U. of Hawaii)    
5:15   ADJOURN      

Quantum Gravity, Strings, and Duality
Session 8B
Northridge Room

Conveners: Juan Maldacena (Harvard) & Joseph Polchinski (UC Santa Barbara)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
1:30   Glueball mass spectrum from supergravity   Csaba Csaki (UC Berkeley)    
1:52   AdS/CFT and QCD   Aki Hashimoto (UCSB)    
2:14   Heterotic String/F-theory Duality from Mirror Symmetry    Per Berglund (UCSB)   ITP
2:36   Wormholes and flux tubes in KK theory   Douglas Singleton (CSU Fresno)    
3:00   BREAK      
3:30   Correlation Functions in AdS/CFT   Eric D'Hoker (UCLA)    
3:52   Bonus Symmetries of N=4 via AdS Duality   Ken Intriligator (UCSD)    
4:41   Kinematics of AdS_5/CFT_4 Duality   George Minic (USC)    
4:36   S-Matrices from AdS Space   Joe Polchinski (UCSB)   ITP
5:00   ADJOURN      

Cosmology and Dark Matter
Session 9B
South Bay Room

Conveners: Kim Griest (UC San Diego) & Martin White (Univ. of Illinois)

Time   Title   Speaker   Collab
1:30   Inflationary Cosmology   Ewan Stewart (Fermilab)    
2:05   Update on Open Universes   Joanne Cohn (Univ. of Illinois)    
2:25   The Cosmic Microwave Background   Martin White (Univ. of Illinois)    
3:00   BREAK      
3:30   Large-Scale Structure and Cosmology   Jeffrey Willick (Stanford University)    
4:05   Quintessence and the Rest of the World   Sean Carroll (UC Santa Barbara)    
4:25   Measuring Cosmology with Type Ia Supernovae   Robert Knop (LBNL)    
5:00   ADJOURN      

Thursday, January 7th - Special Sessions

Outreach Program
2:00p.m.- 5:00p.m.
Seminar Room 210

Organized by: Quarknet

Time   Title   Participants
2:00   Learning Physics with Particles (demonstrations, activities,and websites) Andria Erzberger (Palo Alto High School & LBNL)
to   Marge Bardeen, Tom Jordan & Liz Quigg (Fermilab)
5:00   Michael Barnett (LBNL), Randy Ruchti (Notre Dame)

Future Accelerator Projects
Session 11B
Northwest Campus Auditorium

Conveners: B. Foster (Fermilab) & B. Siemann (SLAC)

Time   Title   Speaker
3:30   Future Accelerators   D. Burke (SLAC)
to     B. Foster (Fermilab)
5:00   Physics Opportunities at a Muon Collider K. McDonald (Princeton)

Town Meeting
Northwest Campus Auditorium

Chair: B. Richter (SLAC)

5:15   Martha Krebs, Director of the Office of Science, US Department of Energy
to   Howard Gordon, Chair-Elect, APS DPF Executive Committee


Friday, January 8th- Plenary Sessions
8:30a.m.- 2:30p.m.
Grand Horizon Room

Time   Title   Speakers
8:30   Status of Electroweak Physics   William Marciano (BNL)
9:15   Recent Progress in QCD   George Sterman (SUNY Stony Brook)
10:00   BREAK    
10:30   New Facilities: B Factories at the Threshold   Jonathan Dorfan (SLAC)
11:15   New Facilities: Physics at the Main Injector   Hugh Montgomery (Fermilab)
12:00   LUNCH    
1:00   Perspectives on Future Accelerators   Claudio Pellegrini (UCLA)
1:45   High Energy Astrophysics   Trevor Weekes (Harvard)

Tour of the Getty Museum and Conference Banquet

2:45   Busses leave for Getty Museum
3:00   Visit to Getty Museum
~6:00   Busses depart Getty Museum
7:30   Conference Banquet


Saturday, January 9th- Plenary Sessions
8:30a.m.- 5:00p.m.
Grand Horizon Room

Time   Title   Speakers
8:30   Heavy Flavor Physics   J. Ritchie Patterson (Cornell)
9:15   CP Violation and Rare Decays  Edward Blucher (University of Chicago)
10:00   BREAK    
10:30   Physics Beyond the Standard Model   Michael Dine (UC Santa Cruz)
11:15   Strings, Branes and Beyond   Cumrun Vafa (Harvard University)
12:00   DPF Business meeting    
12:30   LUNCH    
1:30   LIGO - Searching for Gravitational Waves   Barry Barish (CalTech)
2:15   Neutrino Physics   Gary Feldman (Harvard University)
3:00   Break    
3:30   Particle Physics and the Early Universe   Neil Turok (Cambridge)
4:15   Summary and Outlook   David Gross (UC Santa Barbara)
5:00 ADJOURN  

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By L. Juleen Moon